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Mill, Windham County

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Inventory Number: VT/45-13-32x
County: Windham County
Township: Grafton
Bridge Name: Mill
Crosses: Saxtons River
Truss type: Queen
Spans: 1
Roadway Width:
Built: 1870
When Lost: Winter 1948
Latitude: N43 10.35
Longitude: W072 35.82
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Mill Bridge, Grafton, Windham County, VT Built 1870 Possibly collapsed winter 1948
Richard E. Roy Collection

Mill Bridge, Grafton, Windham County, VT Built 1870 Possibly collapsed winter 1948
Margaret Foster Collection, NSPCB Archives

The bridge was built to access a lumber mill across the river from Grafton's main street. Per the Springfield Reporter, August 5, 1937, "The covered bridge near F. D. Howland's mill is being repaired with new timbers on the north end, new stringers and planks. The work is in charge of A. E. Wright who is assisted by D. K. Zeller, D. M. Hakey, Chauncey Prouty and William Tuttle." There have been various dates offered for its demise such as c1941 and 1950. However, Margaret Foster’s notes in the NSPCB archives mention that it collapsed under a snow load in the winter of 1948. Coordinates are approximate.
Springfield Reporter, August 5, 1937.
Allen, Richard S. & Morse Victor. Windham County's Famous Covered Bridges, 1960, page 13

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