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Creek or Fishing, Franklin County

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Inventory Number: VT/45-06-33x
County: Franklin County
Township: St. Albans
Bridge Name: Creek or Fishing
Crosses: Sheldon Creek
Truss type:
Spans: 2
Roadway Width:
When Lost: Unknown
Latitude: N44 48.63
Longitude: W073 09.11
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An early image shows a 2-span crossing, but later images show a shorter single-span crossing. The current crossing is approximately 100 feet, so additional causeway may have been created to shorten the open water to span. Per the St. Albans Weekly Messenger, June 2, 1887, there was a special town meeting to discuss whether money could be expended to raise the bridge above high water (apparently it was subject to inundation. Per the St. Albans Daily Messenger, January 21, 1929, "Steel Span Replaces Old Black Bridge ---The stone road between St. Albans Bay and Hathaway's Point which has been closed to traffic for the past few weeks while old Black bridge was being replaced was opened to traffic Saturday afternoon. In place of the old covered wooden bridge a plate girder span has been installed. The new bridge is 100 feet long and when entirely completed will have a 20 foot concrete road bed. At the present time a temporary one way road has been built over the bridge. Work on laying of the concrete will he started as soon as the weather permits in the Spring. The steel work was done by the Kittridge Bridge Co., of Concord while the rest of the work, such of laying the concrete road and road grades at both sides of the bridge will be done ity the road officials of the Town."
St. Albans Weekly Messenger, June 2, 1887.

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