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East Highgate, Franklin County

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Inventory Number: VT/45-06-29x
County: Franklin County
Township: Highgate
Town/Village: East Highgate
Bridge Name: East Highgate
Crosses: Missisquoi River
Truss type: Burr/Arch
Spans: 2
Length: c300'
Roadway Width:
Built: 1850
When Lost: Nov 1927
Cause: Flood
Latitude: N44 55.63
Longitude: W072 59.28
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Topographic map of the area

Bridge at East Highgate, Franklin County, VT Lost 1927
Eastern Illustrating Postcard, Richard E. Roy Collection

East Highgate Bridge, Highgate, Franklin County, VT Built 1850 Flood Nov 1927
Todd Clark Collection

Per the St. Albans Weekly Messenger, September 17, 1908, "The town is taking advantage of the low water in the Missisquoi river and is repairing the pier of the long covered bridge in this place." During the 1927 flood, this bridge floated downstream and broke up when it crashed into the iron bridge at Highgate Falls. The remains went under the iron bridge and over the dam.
St. Albans Weekly Messenger, September 17, 1908.
Walter, Charles T.. Light and Shadows of the Flood of 1927, 1928, page 107

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