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Gauts Falls, Franklin County

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Inventory Number: VT/45-06-16x
County: Franklin County
Township: Fairfax
Bridge Name: Gauts Falls
Crosses: Lamoille River
Truss type:
Spans: 1
Roadway Width:
When Lost: 1927
Latitude: N44 39.00
Longitude: W072 59.31
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Topographic map of the area
Directions: Above falls.

Gauts Falls Bridge, Fairfax, Franklin County, VT Lost 1927
Richard Sanders Allen Collection, NSPCB Archives
Double barrel. Per the Burlington Weekly Free Press, September 15, 1910, "Beaver. Fred Thompson and Mr. Lewis had a serious accident Sept. 6. While at the village for election they drove through the covered bridge on their way to Mr. Warren's, but as they emerged the light so blinded them that they ran against the guard rail, which broke through, allowing horse, wagon and men to go over the high wall. The horse's neck was broken, the carriage wrecked and the men slightly injured." Beaver no longer exists and was perhaps only recognized for a short time period. After scanning the area that was once Beaver it is assumed that the covered bridge described was more likely the main village bridge in Fairfax. The description of the high wall and guard rail system matches the bridge well.
Burlington Weekly Free Press, September 15, 1910.

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