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Miscellaneous unidentified pictures

This page will include pictures and postcards of bridges that cannot be identified. If you recognize one of these pictures, please let us know.  Send suggestions to


Oregon DOT photo
(added November 30, 2005)

This photo has been identified as a Lookingglass Creek Bridge


Possibly in or near Concord, NH

Dick Roy Collection


Possibly central VT, such as Rochester or Royalton.

Bill Caswell Collection


Bill Caswell Collection


Railroad bridge, possibly in NH

Bill Caswell Collection


Bill Caswell Collection


Springfield, VT

Bill Caswell Collection


Bill Caswell Collection

This is believed to be the Boy Scout Camp Bridge in Oldham County, KY - KY/17-93-01x

(updated May 7, 2007)


Labeled Piscataquis R.

(added February 11, 2006)


Possibly in Cumberland County, Maine
(added February 11, 2006)


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